Adding dependencies for application

I am writing an application for which I need to add few libraries e.g. or libxyz.a. I am not sure “how to” and “where to” add these dependencies in makefile. I understand there is menuselect utility but I don’t know how to use it my for application

For example: I am creating apps/ application. Which requires as runtime library. Where to add entry of for app_xyz so that it will link against this library ?

I tried putting path of in LD_LIBRARY_PATH but its not liking it.

Please advice.


You have to modify the Makefile in apps directory and add a line, at the end, to specify which shared libraries your application has to linked with: : app_xyz.o
   $(CC) $(SOLINK) -o $@ ${CYGSOLINK} $< ${CYGSOLIB} –lxyz

Be careful, use tabs and not spaces, to respect the sintax of the makefile :smile:

Hope this helps.


Marco Bruni

Not sure if my answer is right, better check with developers, so I suggest you to search/write a message in the Asterisk developer mailing list, for this and other questions related to development.


Marco Bruni