Adding 2nd or 3rd x100 fx0

I was wondering who could tell me how to add a 2nd and 3rd x100 card, I am having good luck with the tigerjet 3xx modem with the ambient md3200 chipset…

I had one installed at the farthest pci port from the powersupply and all worked fine calls out no problem software echo cancellation working fine, I added 2 more cards, now the card that works shifted to the closest to the powersupply automatically I did not do anything…

What do I have to do to make all cards work, shat do I have to set up .conf and any reconfig or recompile anything.

runing fedore core 5 Grandstream gxp2000 phones all running good in basic layout currently.

Thank you…


i don’t have any config tips to share here, but my opinion is that as this is a live system, spend the fairly insignificant sum it costs to buy either a Digium or Sangoma card and do the job properly. now i’ve said it, i’ll keep schtum.

you need to define the extra channels in /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf. Also do lspci and make sure they aren’t sharing any irq’s.
I second the recommendation to buy Digium/Sangoma cards- X100’s often work fine but they are also often to blame for a wide variety of odd issues. Personally I would never use an X100 in a situation where it failing could make someone lose money.