Add new sounds to Asterisk using ARI

I want to either

  1. Add a new sound to Asterisk remotely (from a Node.js aplication in another pc in the same LAN)
  2. Be able to reproduce in my Asterisk whatever .wav/.mp3 file is stored in my Node.js server.

The issue is the following. My Node.js connects with Asterisk and checks whether the incoming call is already a user, if it is it searches it’s ID and reproduces it’s associated sound file to the user. If it can’t find the user, the call is answered by a person and it registers its name, and vía text-to-speech the .wav file is created and stored in the Node.js. After reading the wiki I understood the only way to reproduce stored sounds is by storing them in the Asterisk server. But I don’t understand the following:

Asterisk searches for sounds in the /sounds/ subdirectory of the configured astdatadir option in asterisk.conf. By default, Asterisk will search for sounds in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds. When Asterisk starts up, it indexes the installed sounds and keeps an in-data representation of those sound files. When an ARI application asks Asterisk for details about a specific sound or for a list of sounds on the system, Asterisk consults its in-memory index instead of searching the file system directly. This has some trade-offs. When querying for sound information, this in-memory indexing makes the operations much faster. On the other hand, it also means that Asterisk has to be “poked” to re-index the sounds if new sounds are added to the file system after Asterisk is running. The Asterisk CLI command “module reload sounds” provides a means of having Asterisk re-index the sounds on the system so that they are available to ARI.

How can I remotely tell Asterisk to “module reload sounds” after a new sound is saved?

And also, how can I save files remotely? (maybe I can run both Asterisk and Node in the same computer, but it’s not the idea).

I’m running Asterisk 13 but I can upgrade to 14 if it’s necessary.
Thank you very much

Edit: I guess i gotta upgrade to Asterisk 14 and use scheme ‘uri’