Activity Codes entered during an active call

Hi All…

I have had a request for this functionality from a client, I know other PBX’s can do it and was just wondering if it is possible in asterisk.

Basically what I would require is when an Agent is on a call, they will be presented with a particular problem by the caller. The Agent will then enter the appopriate code for the activity (1 for dial-up issues, as an example) on their phoneset. What I would like then to do is have this information put out onto the AMI in a custom message, maybe called Acitivity Code and then pass it the activity number and agent id.

We have a Call Centre stat’s application which use’s the AMI feed, it will then pick up this event and then log it to database (this is easy and is ready to go, just need the message)… The client can then pull reports and see by activity how many problems have been handled.

I know when on a call you can press digits to enable one touch recording etc, so asterisk does see the variables, the questions is if it can be used out to an AMI feed…

Any help with this feature will be greatly appreciated.


Depends on how many codes you want, but application map will do this.

have a look at the features.conf for details.

I use it to force hangup tandam calls.