Active calls in ASTERISK Server is way beyond the configured channels on the trunk

We are seeing very huge spikes of calls in our ASTERISK Server. The spike is exceeding the channels configured for the trunk (10 times or more). We are suspecting that the server sending the calls to ASTERISK is forwarding too many calls but we don’t have a proof.

asterisk -rx “core show calls” displays active calls. What is active calls here? Is it counting INVITES or including RE-INVITES (when the server is unable to respond to the first INVITE)? Or is it counting unique call IDs?

Is there a way to see how many calls are received by the ASTERISK Server?

That’s not what a RE-INVITE is.

I think it will be counting the number of threads running dialplan code.

In my experience, a call is the result of any INVITE initiation some sort of call flow. (Or similar for other techs, like analog and ISDN lines) Eg. you dial into the PBX, ends up in the queue, then the queue dials 10 extensions, still shows only 1 call, 1 agent answers, still only 1 call.

The channel count, however, is different, it is gennerally everything resulting from an INVITE, Dial command or putting the call unto a conference bridge, where the bridge will be a whole channel just by itself, with another channel for each participant.

I might be missing something, but from what I’ve observed, this is how the numbers work.

Hi, I’m new here and I read your post about latencies in asterisk providers; Something similar happens to me and randomly without meaning every day I have a schedule in which it happens to me. Could you solve it?

Thanks all for the answers.

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