Activate and deactivate messages

Here’s what i’m trying to do.

I want to be able to dial an extension (lets say 123) and it play message X. But in order for message X to be played, i need it to be activated and deactivated through dialing another ext (lets say 555).

So, i call 123 it plays message X.
I call 555 its asks me to press 1 to activate, 2 to deactive message X.

How do i go about this.

ok so update,

Lets say when Joe calls 5551234, he’s normally given 5 options to be routed. Instead of having the routing options, it just plays a message saying ‘we are performing maintenance’.

How do can I make something that will activate and deactivate the ‘maintenance’ message, there for not playing the other routing options and just play the ‘maintenance message’?

core show application gotoif
core show application execif
core show application set
core show function GLOBAL