ACD Issues on Xeon E31270‏

We have an asterisk 11.8 build on Intel® Xeon® CPU E31270 @ 3.40GHz and 8GB of Ram.
we have 30 Agents connected to a queue with AgentLogin() and AddQueueMember() and using Codecs G729 and G723 from
Operators listen to music until a call comes in, however lately we started facing ACD issues, and call drops our of the blue.

at first we only had 20 operators, and things were ok to a limit, ACD is over 100 seconds,
after Adding 10 more operators (30 total) we started to lose ACD (60 seconds) and calls started dropping our the the blue.

I personally thought such Processing power can handle over 60 calls minimum.

Any Idea why is that happening? could it be the codecs we obtained freely? or the CPU won’t handle 30 calls with the scenario explained above?

Try again with licensed codecs and not the with the pirate one

Thank you for your reply it’s not the mater of the money and piracy we are unable to calculate our needs of how many licence we need.
we will have 30 operators… queue can receive more calls.
Inbound calls will all be in g729… operators / Agents will have a mix betweeb g723 and g729 (linksys alow one port to use g729 and th3 second is using g723).

Will that be able to help us calculate our lincense needs?