ACD feature?

Please pardon the basic question, but I don’t know what the correct term is for the functionality I’m looking for.

We would like to look into implementing a system where customers call a support line, are prompted to enter in a code, and based on that code, they would be routed to one phone number or another.

Can Asterisk do this, and if so what is this functionality called so that I can look it up in the manual?

Thank you for your help!

This is a fairly simple solution that can be impletmented from the extensions.conf file. Depending on how sophisticated you want to get this it could also involve a little AGI programming.

I would do a little reading on the VoIP Wiki ( and hopefully this will become clear.

Thanks Scott! I wanted to RTM but didn’t know what feature to look up…

You need to read up on:


extensions.conf options

In extensions.conf you are going to program the logic to to accomplish what you need.

AGI is how you would reference information outside of Asterisk and then pass back an answer like yes, no and extension number etc.

You may not need AGI if your application is simple enough.

We’re going to want the codelist to live in an external file, as it’s very long (thousands of codes) and must be regularly modified.

basically, we sell a serialized product, and we want customers to be able to enter in their serial number, and be routed to the correct support number.

Sounds like we’d need to do some custom AGI code but that it’s not going to be super complicated…

Well that would also suggest that you will need to write an AGI script of some type Perl is usually quick and dirty for this.

Then you will need to add code to the extensions.conf file to execute this script and then return a value.

You will have a line like exten => s,n,AGI(script_name.agi)

You also need to learn about the GotoIf command.

The company I work for already has canned solutions that would provide this functionality, feel free to contact me ( outside the forum if you would like this assistance.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Do yo have any guidance toward getting a callcenter/acd into basic operation. I think agents/queues is broken.

I am running 1.4 and every scenario I try I only get a half functional call center or it will work at the beginning and then just break if I hang up the wrong way. Grrrr! Can you help?