Accessing the Asterisk DB

Is there a way to access the DB from an external application?

I would like to keep a DB of active extensions (updated in real-time) and then be able to access that data to visualize it using, for example, a web page.

Thanks in advance.

You should be able to. Not sure if there’s anything out there to currently do it. This maybe of some interest to you though:

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I was thinking about using the System() command to call a program that quickly writes a record to a file (when an extension becomes active) and another System() call to a program that deletes a record from the file (when an extension becomes inactive).

My concerns with doing it this way would be: 1) CPU/efficiency cost, and 2) race conditions resulting in corruption. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Another idea would be to create a file (extension.dat) each time an extension becomes active, and delete the file each time the extension becomes inactive.

this may be totally different from what you need, but if you are looking to perform an action each time an extension is called (or makes a call) you might look at using an AGI script.

you could create a macro that calls an AGI script at the beginning and end of a call that could write a file, to a database, play a sound…AGI lets you do just about anything, in just about any language.

i rebuilt our copia IVR in about 15 minutes using AGI and PHP - and it works better and runs faster than the solution we paid thousands of dollars for.

i would strongly suggest looking at AGI versus using the system call, for the same reasons you are hesitatant…