Access Control


We have an off-site user and find we need to change her IP address in the Access Control panel regularly. Is there any way to have her IP address automatically updated in the system when it changes on her computer?

Or is her only option that we purchase a static ip address from her internet provider?

Thank you for your help.


Asterisk itself doesn’t have a control panel. I’m guessing your using a GUI?

You could setup a VPN connection. Then when she is connected into the network, it could be a consistent IP number.

Would you please elaborate on how setting up a VPN works?

Currently, the off-site employee just picks up her Polycom phone in the morning, the connection is there (when the ip is set correctly on the acces control panel) and she starts her day.

How would a vpn connection change her procedure? Will she need an expensive Cisco vpn router at her home or can she use the cisco vpn client software.

Thank you for your help.