Absolute beginner need help

I am very very beginner in the asterisk world
and i want to know how can i make 2 client and 1 server to communicate toghter by using x-lite
i have make adresses as following :
the server :
1st client : 192.1168.0.2
2nd client :
there is no connection with internet or phone line
i just want to have the configuration files (asterisk and x-lite) to make the call come to the free computer (if the first is busy the second one will ring after 10 seconds)
thanks a lot and i hope to have an answer as soon as possible

this isn’t a place to be spoonfed ! read the free book “Asterisk TFOT” that’s linked to in the sticky at the top of the forum, there’s all the examples you need in there. if you get stuck, some back here for help.