Aastra pt390 - sip?

Hi all, i wanted to ask you if anybody knows the aastra pt 390; it says it’s an i phone but does anybody know if its sip compatible? and, is it a good phone? thanks

is google broken then ??

isn’t the PT390 an ADSI phone ? you would probably be able to connect this to an ATA or to an FXS port.

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If you want a SIP phone buy a SIP phone.
You have been caught once, now it looks like you are going to get caught twice.

I dont know how many people end up upset with dead and fried or unstable equipment for the saving of a few $. Get the right kit for the Job.


OT … kind of … have you ever used an ADSI phone with Asterisk ?

The PT390 is NOT an IP phone. It does NOT speak SIP or any other VoIP protocol.

It is an Analog ADSI phone. ADSI was a way to bolt ‘info services’ onto an analog phone system, but it never really took off. With ADSI, the server can use data chirps (FSK as I recall) to run little scripts on the phone which will provide a few softkeys and a display for this purpose. Asterisk has a few ADSI scripts built in. Also I believe ADSI is only supported usefully on Zap channels, not ATAs. Could be wrong on that.

Short verson- don’t buy this phone if you want an IP phone. The AAstra phones that are IP phones (SIP) all end with i-
9112i - one line, no PoE
9133i - three line, supports PoE
480i - big screen, supports PoE, supports XML services
480i-CT - Same as 480i but has a cordless extension handset