Aastra 57i CT

Hi, I was wondering if the cordless sets on the 57i CT have their own extension on Asterisk.

I have searched several forums and googled and couldn’t find anything about this!

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I’m sure they would.
I have the Aastra 480iCT base+cordless phone and i use 4 extensions on them.
It is a feature of the phone and not specific to Asterisk.

EDIT: Actually having re-read your post, i think you mean, can the cordless have it’s own extension independant from the base station?
I don’t think it can.
When a call comes in on my base phone, the cordless rings as well.
What i can do is use line 2,3 or 4 on the cordless if line 1 is being used on the base station. Maybe not quite what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your prompt reply. You answered my question perfectly!