Aastra 480i-CT phone with cordless handset


Simple question, how does the cordless handset configure? I mean, is the base unit, say, extension 201 and the handset extension 202 or does the handset just mirror the base unit so they are both x201 ?

How big (small) is the handset? I have a UTStarcom F1000 unit and it is almost too small to be comfortable using. Volume is way way too soft also.


the handset is an extension of the base. If the base is x101, the handset is also x101. You can switch between the base and handset without any asterisk functions. You can also be on either the base or handset and designate a call as ‘private’ and then the other one (base or hset) cant barge in…


Interesting. So when it says it can have up to 9 handsets, they are all the same extension? Why would anyone want that? Except maybe in a home since all home phones are tied together like that. Hmm…


It can ADDRESS multiple handsets (I thought the max was 4). however, as I understand it, this cloud of handsets can only have one concurrant wireless call. So if you have the base and 4 handsets, the base can be on a call, and handset1 can be on another (or the same) call, but that puts handsets 2-4 out of luck until HS1 hangs up.