AAH upgrade question

I installed the AAH which has Asterisk-1.2.2. Can somebody tell me how to safely upgrade the Asterisk from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 in CentOS?

Also if a new version of Zaptel come out , what is the steps to upgrade it?

I think AAH should have some functions to let us easily upgrade these core module.

Thanks for help!

funny you ask. do NOT do the cvs upgrade path described. i did that and totally borked my AAH 2.2 system. i’ve done a full IOS install. i don’t know if they (AAH devs) will provide some better way soon?

Thanks for the reply.

So how do you bring back the whole system after a full fresh intallation? Did you just use AMP restore the conf files you backuped before?

I think this kind of “upgrade” will take some time. So AAH is realy a “Home” version.

no, nerd vittles seemed to discourage that. i don’t have a complex config, so i took screenshots of the trunks, extensions, etc… and re-entered them manually. sucks, i know…

That sucks…

OK, then, what will be the best solution if I still want have a GUI management interface? How about just install AMP on top of Asterisk?

I tried to install CentOS+AMP, but I can’t even finish the installation. I got some error for connectiong mySql.

that might work. i can’t really say. since my machine was borked i was going to reinstall anyway, so that was a (relatively) easy way to get 2.3 onto it :smile: i stuck with AAH because i wanted AMP and mysql and all the other stuff. the config files AMP generates didn’t work right with vanilla asterisk 1.2.3 :frowning: