AAH 2.8B1 & 7960 Message Waiting Indicator

I just installed AAH 2.8B1. It seems that when a new voicemail is awaiting, the MWI does not light up on my 7960 phone. Is there a new option to enable this or is there a bug? Any ideas?


This has been a problem for a while with, I guess, freePBX. In one place, your VM is set to your extension@device while another place it is extension@default. I believe it should be extension@default. Once this change is made it works fine.

I’m having definite computer issues tonight, or I’d activate my vmware image of aah and give you the exact instructions. If you go to the AAH forums on sourceforge and search for MWI, you’ll find exact instructions.

If things improve in the next couple of hours, I’ll try to post a followup and let you know exactly what and where things need to be changed.

I think I may be doing away with wireless mice. Something keeps interfering with my mouse. Have yet to narrow it down.