A very basic, specific question regarding redundancy

I am losing access to the PBX that my small business has been utilizing, and I am considering setting up a simple, cheap VoIP system. I have some older hardware and a friend who is a linux whiz.

My question is: is there a cheap easy way to create a redundant, analogue terminal (phone/answering machine) that will automatically hook into the PSTN should my VoIP server crash? We can’t afford to lose any calls, since that is how our clients place their orders.

I apologize if this question is answered in the FAQ. I was unable to find any reference to it.

Thanks in advance for any help


It depends on how your calls come in. If they come in on PSTN line(s), then you could simply put an answering machine on each. Set the answering machine(s) to answer only after say 5 rings and have Asterisk answer sooner than that.

search the wiki for high availabilty or HA.