A streamlined process for making compact discs from VM's?

Hi, is there a streamlined process that anyone has created to burn voicemails to audio CD’s (either one that can be played in an MP3 player or a regular CD player)?

I know that there is a voicemail feed program that converts the voicemails into a subscribable podcast, so then you could use iTunes to burn the CD, but I’m wondering if anyone has created another process to do this?


Bump. Does anyone out there create archive CD’s from Asterisk voicemails? Bonus question, does anyone provide online access to voicemails through something other than ARI, or provide their users with a way of downloading their voicemails?


Based on response, there’s probably no “standard” process. However, it seems totally doable. Technically, automatically archiving VM on CD is much simpler than providing remote access to individual users. Just find some WAV -> CDA converter (or -> MP3 converter), pipe output into cdrecorder. You’ll have to figure out how to change the media for each user, though. (Can’t imagine dumping every user’s voice mail on a single CD. :wink:

Asterisk already has the capability to send VM as E-mail. What’s wrong with this approach in terms of “remote” access? If you truly want remote access just because, I can think of configure Asterisk to deliver to a local or remote E-mail engine, then use an IMAP server and/or Web/IMAP server to allow access. You can do this with a local Web but you’d have to write the administration and access interface. Not worth the pain IMHO.