A question about Call logs and Database intergration


At the company I work for, we have a Panasonic PABX and a few people taking calls.

As part of our setup we have a PC running some Panasonic software - this pop’s up on the window on the PC where the phone is ringing. While the phone is ringing is displays the clients number (not that important if using caller display) but also opens a window in our Visual Fox Pro app that allows us to store info on the call (if its sales, enquires, etc etc) + more information on the client including our contact there.

If we switched to Asterisk, could we carry on collecting information on the call like we do currently? (are there extensions to allow this? Using VFP or something else?)

All the client PC’s are Windows XP if this affects anything.

Thanks for reading, Richard :smile:

Yes, you can configure detailed call logs via asterisk configs. You can configure the logs to be sent to a mysql database, but in your situation it may be easier to configure the ODBC option, sending the call logs directly to the VFP host running odbc. VFP may even have an odbc connectivity method ? If so , there ya go. The call log format will almost certainly not be identical to your current setup, but with ODBC option and some hacking you will be able to make it work, yes. Best case would be a VFP odbc snap-in, worst case you’ll have to twiddle some middlware a bit.