A@H & new FXO card help

I just put a X100P card into an existing A@H box, and can’t get it to set up the trunk for me like the A@H guides suggest should happen.

The guides tell me to type this:genzaptelconf -s -d
Both the -s and -d options are not recognised as valid input for genzaptel, and none of the other options seem to have any effect on my asterisk setup. What I need is for a trunk to be created (Zap/g0) like would happen if I had installed A@H with the card already in the box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

As I recall from struggling with this same problem last night, you need to use “-r” instead. I guess that’s 1.0 instructions but that’s just a guess!


Is there something I’m missing here then, because I did try that. Here is what I did:

genzaptelconf -r
amportal restart

And my trunks are the same as before, still no ZAP/g0 in there.

Mine are called ZAP/1 and Zap/2 for the 2 FXO ports on my TDM400P card.


Well what I’m saying is that my trunk configuration is unchanged… There are NO trunks created for my fxo cards.

When I got my card it was configured with the FXO cards in slots 3 and 4. I could not see them till I moved them to slots 1 and 2.