A@H Disable Auto Answer on one of two ZAPs

I’ve got a X100P and a TDM31 (1 FXO, 3 FXS; I may be dyslexic here - FXO=Zap/5) and I am trying to get my system so that it doesn’t answer Zap/5 when it rings, because I have an external Fax machine also hooked up directly to the incoming line from the street. Right now, my Fax machine is answering the call, then, A@H picks up and does my IVR greeting. I still want it to automatically answer the X100P (Zap/1).

Does anyone know how I can do this? An alternative would be to connect one of my FXS ports on the TDM card to the fax machine, and redirect it there if a Fax tone is received… but I’d like to leave that as a last resort.

Thanks in advance;