A GUI on windows platform

I was talking about creating a good GUI on Windows platform

Because i was implementing PBX for my college. And there these people can’t afford to dedicate an entire machine just for the sake of a PBX. These people do have a windows on which i’ll install asterisk and the program to handle the gui.
So let me know your valuable opinions on this issue!!

If u have any tips to give me please let me know!

DO NOT install asterisk on a windows box! Thats my tip.

Seriously, my guess is with todays hardware you could run 100+ simultaneous calls on a $1500 “server” (either a fancy desktop or soho server). No need for dual processors, just get the cheapest single processor server with 1-2 gb ram and a 72GB SCSI or 80GB SATA disk and it will run great.

The asterisk version that “installs” on windows is not maintanied by Digium, its way behind in development and buggy at best. Also dont even think about running it in VMware or any VM software on top of windows, as running it on a 5 year old cheap desktop would run 100 times better.

To second swaterhouse, don’t do it!

My very first experience with asterisk was to load it [with freePBX GUI] on a very old box that was sitting in our closet ready to be cannibalized for parts: a 400 MHz PIII with 256 MB RAM… vintage about 1999 … it was perfectly capable of handling 50 concurrent calls.