911 Dialplan

Our company is looking to replace our outdated PBX with VoIP. One function we really like about our current PBX is that it alerts the secretary when a line dials 911 and it shows the extension where the 911 call was placed. The secretary is then responsible for emailing HR, Facilities, and the on-campus nurse to help in aiding the situation (if needed).

How would I set up a rule in asterisk to do the above automatically? At a minimum, I would just need to notify the secretary.

The 911 call will get the priority as seen here: hurdman.net/mirror/voip-info … s+911.html

One of the notifications could also be sending an SMS or an e-mail. You can do this before dialing the 911 with Dial() command (with running a Bash script from Asterisk dialplan).

If you want to stick with calling the secretary, you will have to use Local channels.