9 second delay?!


On every call (ext to ext, from did/trunk to ext, from ext to trunk) I have delay of 9 seconds before ringing start.

When I try to call some extension, I geting silence of 9 sec, and then ringing starts:

5.11.2015 10:14:57 CHAN_START 402 5.11.2015 10:15:06 CHAN_START 405

This PBX is installed and configured at least one year ago, and everything was working fine till nine days ago when this problem starts. Because this, all calls over SIP trunks are unable to establish.

Asterisk Call Logs: http://files.fm/u/kemxszr

Thanks in advance and regards,

Delays at start of call on VoIP are likely to be due to DNS problems, e.g. having to failover to standby DNS.