888 number gets busy signal when someone is on a call

Hi all.

I’m running the most recent version of Trixbox before it went private. It has been running for years without incident using Unlimitel (unlimitel.ca) but, recently I added an 888 number so that there is the main number and an 888 number configured on the system. I can call either of them fine but when someone is on the phone the 888 number gets a busy signal or call failed. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have a recommendation for where I should look?


Try the help of your vendor in this case TRIXBOX.com

Fonality have cut off all support for the free version, including shutting down the peer support forums. It is abandonware with a vengeance.

Isn’t Trixbox just Asterisk with FreePBX on top?


Asterisk is a toolkit with which many things can be built. Deciphering what the Fonality people provide you as an interface to add things within Asterisk, as well as what you did to add anything, and then figuring out what may be happening in Asterisk’s dial plan (as written by Fonality) as well as what might be wrong with it, is a terrible chore.

Look at your SIP debug and your dial plan to see if you can figure out what’s going on. That’s your most direct path. Fair-warning that there are likely a number of macros in use that will make deciphering the dial plan a bit more complicated than one would like.


Thank you malcolmd.