85,000 users & 300 Concurrent Calls

Hello Everyone
I need to design a solution for 85,000 SIP users where there will be maximum 300 Concurrent Calls. Can anyone suggest suitable solution diagram with hardware requirement ?
Please note,
Users will be using softphone on their android devices.
Need to centrally record all voice & video calls for 1 year
Thanks is Advance

Preferably hire a professional.

Your solution should have a loadbalancer (kamailio/opensips) for REGISTERs and INVITEs onto multiple asterisk instances.
Use NFS for shared call recording space. Each asterisk box will record calls locally and push to NFS share for later access.

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I agree that this is a requirement that needs specialist professional advise.

Whilst it is way out of my capabilities, I would add that having Android soft phones introduces a further complication of push servers Also I’d advise against NFS as it is too synchronous. I would do batch transfers, not use shared filesystems.

The first thing that an adviser should do is to obtain a much more detailed requirement specification, as there isn’t enough information here to know where the main problems will be, or understand where compromises can be made.

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We use ‘rsync --archive’ in an hourly cron job.

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