8 seater Call Center setup

I am a small business owner and have served over 20,000 customers in the last 4 years.

I wish to build a strong online presence backed with a strong call center, so I am trying to get started with a 8 seater call center. I run a sales company, and hope to be as big as best buy.

I am trying to set up a small 8 seater call center, and need your advise.

I had initially bought this server:

HP ProLiant ML110 G6 Quad Core X3430 Tower Server
Type: Server
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: Intel Xeon X3430 Quad Core 2.40GHz
Cache Memory: 8MB L3 Cache
Memory: 1GB RAM(Installed)/8GB (Max)
Hard Drive: 250Gb Hard Drive
Optical Drive: DVD-ROM
Graphics Controller: Shared Video Memory (UMA)
Networking: Network adapter - PCI Express - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet

Then, I bought this card: atcom.cn/AX1600P.html#~tab-s … nterprises,

But I found out that card is giving me too much issues… drivers, etc… took me a long time to install, and now the calls through the computers are not even clear, so am thinking of selling it.

My question is what sort of tools including Headset Phone, Routers, or Telephone card do you recommend for a small business of up to 8 seater call center, to get the best quality. Everything needs to be physically done.

Already I have my sugarcrm being worked on

Thank you for your answer.


Hi Damola,

I suggest you, better you should contact with professional technical person in call center setup.He could tell what to do to setup 8 seater inbound call center in a prefect way.

Hi Damola,

My company runs call centres on a slightly bigger scale, but we run everything on Asterisk. We use primarily Sangoma E1 cards. The Sangoma cards give us very little issues and the drivers are very easy to install. I can’t speak for their analogue cards, but the ISDN cards are very good.

Depending on the number of incoming telephone lines, you may want to look at using a VoIP gateway instead of a telephony card. This removes a lot of the headache of configuring the telephony card and you only need to worry about configuring Asterisk for SIP.

With regards to headsets, it’s worth spending some cash on a good one like a Plantronics headset as they provide good quality and are quite durable.

Another thing to think about at this stage is your recording archiving solution (I’m assuming you’re going to be recording phone calls) as this can be quite a headache if/when your call centre starts to grow if you have not designed it properly from the beginning.

Bear in mind that a lot of the setup must revolve around expected call volumes as well as call arrival patterns. The server you have there should be fine to run an 8-seat call centre, however you should give some thought to redundancy as well - what happens if that server falls over?