8 port analog card - faulty?

Has anyone come across this:

At boot time the 8 port analog card does not start properly.

Asterisk needs to be stopped and zaptel restarted.

When running zttool - there are “IRQ MISSES” - when there are these irq misses is when the card fails to start.

It seems to always fail on a cold boot.

This is the second 8 port card that is playing up out of 2 cards. My faith in the 8 port card AND the 24 port card module under 1.2 is low.

Seems an odd statement, as the problem more than likely lays with you system. Have you checked for IRQ conflicts etc ?



Please contact our Support department and let them know what distribution and server type you’re using.


They’re certainly interested in getting to the bottom of the matter.

I’m going to site today to swap it out for a 4 port card.
It’s a Dell Server of some sort running Fedora 6.

There is an identical Dell back in the office (I’m home sick the past few days) so I’ll rig it up the same.

When out on site I’ll have a look at /proc/interrupts and run lspci into a text file. Anything else that would be useful?