7921 can make calls - can't take em


New to sccp. As the post states, I can’t get a 7921 to take calls. In the CLI, i get:

NOTICE[24056]: app_dial.c:1076 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘SCCP’ (cause 44 - Requested channel not available)

This is the only skinny WL phone on my switch. All my SIP’s talk to each other fine.




any guesses on this one? :smile:

Just looking to see if anyone has had actual success with sccp. Not having any here. This includes a 7960 I took a stab at configuring.

still having issues? I have chan_skinny working with my 7921G wifi phone using the SCCP protocol.

I might be able to help.

When Asterisk “can’t create a channel of type blah” it usually means that there are no (or no more) valid extensions at that channel.

For example you try to dial SIP/100, but there are not sip phones attached, so asterisk says cannot create channel.

In your case I believe it is because you did not associate your line to your device in sccp.conf

button = line,312 ;adds line number 312 to device.

[312] ; This is where you create line number 312

You can view lines associated with devices by typing sccp show lines in the Asterisk CLI with chan_sccp v3.