7912 Doesn't request the Ringlist.xml (tftp)


I have a 7912g with the 8.0.0 firmware on it.

I was about to load some nice ringtones on it, and i saw that i need the ringtone files that are .raw, and then to make the ringlist.xml and put both files in the root of the TFTP.
I did that, i rebooted the phone, but, i see that the phone just asks for the gkdefault.cfg (something like that) and doesn’t ask for the ringlist.xml at all…

so, the problem is that my phone doesn’t look for the ringlist.xml, how’s that possible? could anybody help me please? thanks

ps: here’s the example of the RingList.xml


CTU 24


tried to change tftp server; it keeps looking for the gkdefault.cfg and doesnt look for the ringlist.xml at all :frowning: