404 every time


I have tried now using Asterisk@Home and a clean Asterisk install. I have added my phone exactly according to the lines they added in asteriskguru.com/tutorials/a … phone.html.

My problem is that i keep getting a 404 error no matter what I try to call. I’ve tried some of the features, but nothing works. I just get a busy tone and a 404 displayed on my phone. I have a grandstream Budgetone 100. I have had the same problem in both the @home and normal install.

Any ideas here? Maybe its my phone?

well, the 404 error indicates that the user identified by the SIP URI in the request-URI can not be located by *. maybe that the user is not currently signed or registered in *.
for getting further information, you need to show the debug or verbose output there.

Fixed. Turns out the problem was that no features were installed. Duh! :smile: Thanks for the help.

Hi ,

I have the same problem, how did you solve it?