3102 SIP registered, configured, playing but no sound !@?!


I have two Linksys 3102s, some legacy phones and a small asterisk box I have set up to prototype some stuff.

The 3102s are all registered FINE, the asterisk box THINKS that everything is fine, it THINKS that it is actually playing files, but there is no sound. THere are no errors so this is weird.

Everything seems to work, I can dial extensions, they ring, the caller id works, the message witing indicators work, when I dial extension xxx when setup in the extensions.conf to go to voice mail or play some othe rfile, asterisk seems to load the file and says “playing xxx” but there is just no sound.

I have checked and triple checked the sound file permissions, the codecs (tried with all on, all off, just ulaw, just two, picking a different preferred on the sip device, etc. etc.). Everything seems right, just no sound. THis is using the demo extensions.conf setup just to make sure things work before going too far.

The only messages I get are “Failed to write frame” but that is just normal hangups when I hang up because I’m tired to listening to non-sounding audio that is apparently playing.

Any ideas ?

I kind of think its on the 3102s because I can see net traffic when it thinks its playing the file… but then again, that could just be the traffic to play ‘dead air’. I have no idea why this would be the case, the registraition seems A-OK.


ok, I found the problem

the box that asterisk was installed on had a firewall, I had it configured to only use the 5060/5061 ports, not realizing the voice travels on another port. Is there any way to pre-define or fix the voice ports aside from opening up the entire firewall ?