3 way conference and CTI interface to TDM PBX

I am in the process of evaluating if I should use Asterisk. Does Asterisk require a media card to support 3 way conference or does it do media processing by software? Does Asterick support CTI standard such as CSTA to control calls in a TDM PBX? I read it somewhere that Asterisk supports Intel/Dialogic CT Connect card. Has anyone used that before? Does it need a CT COnnect card for the CTI link separate from the FXO connection card? or does that one card does both? Please help. Thanks.

Asterisk does not require additional hardware for 3 way calling. It does not support CSTA. Take a look at the links below for info on Asterisk support for Dialogic cards.

google.com/search?hl=en&lr=& … tnG=Search

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?pag … 20hardware[/b]

Thanks you very much for the info. It is great that Asterisk does 3WC without external media card. On the CTI interface, I am not looking for a CTI interface to control Asterisk, instead I am looking for a way to control another legacy PBX from Asterisk using a CTI interface. Are you aware of any legacy PBX CTI control card that can be controlled by Asterisk?