3 RPT Streams

I observed some “traffic rashes” coming from * box to my hard or softphone when using pots via TDM400. The other side just could hear it ok, buy me, I could hear som beeps from time to time when this traffic rashes occurs (just from the * box to my phone).

I isolated the network but did not help…

I analyzed with ethereal rtp tool, and I discover there are 3 rpt streams for each call. Two of them are usual ones (from A:portA to B:portB and from A:portB to B:portA) but there is another one coming from * box to phone interpreted by ethereal as erratic high jitter values from time to time, that makes the “beeps” in the conversation.

Should id be there? What does it mean? There is no addtional traffic in the network (i isolated it) and only happens when using TDM400 (not internal calls).

Machine is powerfull enough. Using

Any advice appreciated.