24/7 Client Side Monitoring

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As a VoIP techie I am trying to implement a proactive approach to know when clients’ internet connections may be down so as to take the necessary actions before any noticeable business disruptions. To that effect, does anyone know of any application that one can input an unlimited number of domain names and/or IP addresses and set to ping and/or traceroute them at intervals each day and then create a report (on each domain name or IP address as UP, DOWN, or NO RESPONSE, etc) for each ping/traceroute session?

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We use two things:

  1. MRTG… We use this to Monitor the bandwidth and the Interconnection between the carriers, it is quite helpfull as it tells us when a carrier is having issues with their routing due to latency and spikes, so we know when to re-route calls based on a set of rules.

  2. I had one of the programmers write something up, it sits on our web server and all it does it test the various links and SIP interconnects with our Upstreams. I am sure if you found a good cheap programmer they can make something up for you quickly.

We use Cacti for our MRTG graphs as well, it is very user friendly and quite configurable as well.

There are probably much better ways of doing it though, but this works for us well, so long as we have well written proper rules in place auto re-routing works pretty much 80-90% of the time, however though i don’t expect it too be perfect and i do want it to rely a little on human intervention anyway, some times humans can not break things, but that is only sometimes.



Thanx for the response, I will check these out. Any other recommendations, anyone?

I’d like to toss another program name out there. Nagios can sent alerts out and “respond” to certain events using event handlers. You can create a monitor for just about anything, or you can find many contributed plugins here

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I found exactly what I need at paessler.com/download/ipcheckshot.gif

You really want to check out MRTG that TeleFone mentioned. It’s free but very powerful, comes with some reporting to my recollection; you can also hook into other reporting engines.