2 questions regarding wideBand codec

I’m having LOTS of difficulties to set EYEBEAM to use G.726 on Asterisk 1.0.9.

Sip.CONF :
allow alaw

Each time i try to use one of these CODEC, the asterisk log says :

Nov 14 16:01:58 NOTICE[14922]: chan_sip.c:2792 process_sdp: No compatible codecs!

The eyebeam log says :

15:57:30.0 Call (l:‘Eric Talbot’ r:‘sip:5555@’) - Call failed. Error code: 488 “Not acceptable here”

The modules are in :

[root@asterisk modules]# ls codec*
codec_adpcm.so codec_a_mu.so codec_gsm.so codec_lpc10.so
codec_alaw.so codec_g726.so codec_ilbc.so codec_ulaw.so
[root@asterisk modules]# pwd

Help would be greatly appreciated regarding this or advice regarding wideband codec.