2 PRIs installed by software defaults all calls through VoIP

I am a newbie, but this sounds like a configuration error to me.

Any guidance would be appreciated - I am reading the manual now.

A lot more details needed…

default the phones are supposed to use the landlines that are free – however the PBX seems to default to the SIP interface, which makes me think that the PBX thinks all of the lines are busy

As a newbie, if this is not enough, let me know what else to grab off the system

thanks for your reply

There is no such thing as default! You must have edited some files! or is this AAH ? But You need to to far more details, extensions.conf for example.

set up in the config files

Well if this was installed by an “installer” go back to them and get them to sort it out.

the installer is very flaky, unreliable and mostly unreachable

that is why I got sucked into this


Well firsly Log how much work you do, then claim against his insurance for that value. (He should be insured for Profesional indemnity if he is working in this field).

Without seeing what he has done its realy impossible to say whats wrong. It sounds like a fairly trivial thing though. Basicly you just need to go though the extensions.conf and see whats doing what.