2 * on 1 box?

Hi folks.

Can I install 2 asterisks on one Linux machine? To use separate conf files, bind to different ports?

I have a Sangoma A102 card. My idea is to use the one port as a master (pri_net) and the other one as a normal (pri_cpe). Install 2 asterisks on the machine and dial users from *1 to *2 via ISDN crossover cable. Can I do that?


Sure Anything can be done with the money (and BEER)…

Mutli_tentant… the easy way is to use the right software…

Look at openVZ and the like for running more than one instance of asterisk per hardware node…

[quote=“OpenVZ FAQ”]
Applications and services do not have to be aware of OpenVZ. However, direct access to hardware is not available.[/quote]

In a virtual machine I will install asterisk, but can I install the ISDN PCI card and use it?

No, you can’t use any card in VM. But what’s the real purpose of installing two Asterisks?

If you are desperate, try chroot. I had done some crazy things in chroot, though not with Asterisk.

I want to call out thru port A in Sangoma and that call to be received thru port B. To test the connection between 2 ISDN PRI ports.

It’s probably easier to find another box to run another Asterisk if this is only for testing purposes.

The second box is not a problem, but I only have one ISDN card with 2 ports…

I’ve fixed it :smiley:

With littme modification of the sangoma’s patch for zaptel… Anyway. I’ll tell them, this is not an issue for that forum.