2 in 1, Is it possible?

currently i have a TDM31B (3 fxs and 1 fxo) in my asterisk box and i want to add more 2 more phones into my system. i did not want to purchas the full sized card. i was wondering if anyone has ever tried adding in another tdm card in and if there has been any problems with it?

I have heard of people doing this but have never tried it. I think the only problem some have is intterupt sharing issues. You could always use I phones

what is an i phone? i have tryed different ata’s (analog telephone adapters) but non of them have all the feature that i want to use. however the tdm card does.

Sorry cant type I ment IP Hard phone something like this


well this * box is for my home and i already analog phones and i wanted to use those and not buy any more. but the ata’s dont work as well as i hoped.