(1TE131F) How to Call an Out Number with Digium PRI Card

Hello everyone,

I really know very little about asterisk and telephony systems but I ended up designing one. Therefore I need your help. My first question is:

I have to call a number, for example 00 90 123 456 78 90. I am using an E1 line so I have 30 lines. Now I would like to check for a particular line whether it is available for making a call. I mean I would like to know which lines are available or busy. Then, I would like to call that number with one of the available lines.

By the way, what number the system calls can always change so, one-time configurations will not work. I mean I have to do these calls with asterisk dynamically.

Can someone show how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

For support for current hardware, please contact the vendor; Digium’s commercial support is not provided through these forums.

However, you should look at the group feature, and g addresses. See the text starting at “; Logical groups can be assigned to allow outgoing roll-over. Groups range” in the sample configuration file, which constitutes the main documentation.

+1 for everything said re: vendor.

You shouldn’t try to utilize bearer channels on an E1 like you would analog channels. The network is free to select whatever channels it wants when it’s sending calls to you.

Thanks for your reply.

There is a scenario that I have to call more than 200 people as soon as possible. I thought, in order to do that, I need to check if there are available channels periodically and then I can squeeze a new call in.

Use the GROUP and GROUP_COUNT functions to keep track of how many channels you are using.