17 years ago I built my first asterisk. Creating the CID, I knew it would be abused

Well unknown to me, my mom was involved in a scam and it cost her big in financial losses. I am trying to find the source of the calls. I have the number and the company waiting back where the call originated from. I cant believe she would buy 20 gift cards and send him the numbers. Total losses was 3,000. She then got a money order from her bank account for $15,000 and send it to a apt with most likely a alias name. The suspects mule or runner, picked up the check, cashed it? then send the money to a Bit Coin machine. Most likely the suspect is in Affrica. Mom told me she went to get a home loan for 35k then said, this is not right and canceled it the next day. She then sent him a 43k check. That day I learned of the scam was furios dragged her to the bank “she did not want to go” and she BELIEVED this guy was REAL!!! anyway, took her inside and said to them my mom has been defrauded I need help. The bank employees jumped on it, found the 43k check with draw for the money order, called UPS and they canceled the delivery!

The love or romance scam seems to be VERY common in all modern countries. Even in the little town of Delta BC Canada, a sister of the victim had over two years?? over that time he asked her to withdrawn up to 3/4 million dollars and had nothing left then committed suicide.

This suspect bought some local area call DIDs and of course mom was fooled. I need some way to get that suspects gateway IP and I am sure he is in Africa. The voice sounds African not Ukrainian.

I am trying to find a way to get his Gateway IP address. Would a SIP or Asterisk PBX record the IP address of the source IP ?

I suspect it could be a Internet cafe in the country the suspect is using but then again, I dont think so. One of the interview question was "WAS there any background noises mixed in with the conversation with the scammer? like planes, trains, boats, traffic, people, barking dogs? no she said no back ground noise. I suspect its a rented apt away from the noise.

I found the carrier and asked to do a record check on the account and also, to see if the server can show a destination gateway.


IMO it is next to impossible to trace back the person originating the call.

That call could have gone through many voip providers to be terminated to you. So you would have to trace it back provider by provider all the way to the source provider. And information could be provided by them, but i doubt some of the providers care about the real identities of their clients.

There was a similar case in Germany, with people being defrauded and had their money stolen from their bank accounts, thinking they were investing in cryptocurrency. A woman there went to the police, and they managed to trace back the call to the country of origin (calls were using European Union CLIs of course). There were some actions taken, but i doubt they actually found the real people performing the fraud.

Most VoIP providers operate back to back user agents, so the incoming and outgoing sides are different VoIP calls. As such, the trace in the Via header, probably only goes back as far as your local ITSP. Tracing would involve every ITSP in the chain looking at logs, which might well be a little like the situation you see with tracing phone calls in old movies.

The US and Canda are a long way towards mitigating this by a system called STIR/SHAKEN, which allows the originate ITSP to certify, with a cryptographic signature, the validity of the caller ID. I’m not sure how well this reaches ordinary, non VoIP subscribers, although I see reports of caller ID name being prefixed by “(V)” if the signature is valid.

The position in the UK appears to be that the big operators are holding off until they complete moving analogue lines over to VoIP.,

Asterisk has some STIR/SHAKEN support, but I haven’t investigated how far it goes.

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