13.17.2 - (codec related?) error on every call - pjmedia


i’m running Asterisk 13.17.2 (pjsip+ael) on OpenBSD 6.2 and everything is working fine except a recurring error message on every call in syslog.

vfprintf %s NULL in “%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s”

For every call, i see the message multiple times depending on the offered codecs in the endpoint section.

allow = !all,g722,alaw

results in

vfprintf %s NULL in "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s"
vfprintf %s NULL in "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s"
vfprintf %s NULL in “%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s”


allow = !all,g722,alaw,ulaw

prints one additional line

vfprintf %s NULL in "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s"
vfprintf %s NULL in "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s"
vfprintf %s NULL in "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s"
vfprintf %s NULL in “%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s”

“pjmedia_sdp_rtpmap_to_attr” in pj_src/pjmedia/src/pjmedia/sdp.c

contains the following lines:

/* Format: ":pt enc_name/clock_rate[/param]" */
len = pj_ansi_snprintf(tempbuf, sizeof(tempbuf), 
		   "%.*s %.*s/%u%s%.*s",
		   (rtpmap->param.slen ? "/" : ""),

and gets called by pj_src/pjmedia/src/pjmedia/endpoint.c at line 674.

Though running in verbose and debug 9 mode, i don’t see any message in the cli, that would match the line above.

I’m using a very basic -few lines- config with one udp transport, one endpoint, a one line dial plan and nothing more. I’ve played with lots of options over the last days…the vprintf messages stays.

Only if i use a codec in my sip client that’s not listed in the pjsip.conf - allow line, the message won’t show up.

For example:
allow = !all,g722

pjsua --config-file file_with_credentials --dis-codec=* --add-codec=alaw “sip:6000@host”

syslog stays silent.

Hint: i only see the message with chan_pjsip, not with chan_sip

Thanks for help, Mark