1000 Users - CPU Impact

Hello, we are looking at a situation where we could be looking at around 1000 clients (not concurrent obviously) and we were wondering if anyone could advise us on codecs to use to lower CPU usage and what sort of Server specification we would be needing.

It is to be used on a 100Mb lan with multi gigabit backbones and all calls are internalk so bandwidth isn’t really an issue.

Thanks for any help.

how many calls do you reckon on having at any one time ? the “cheapest” codec processor wise will depend on what you’re intending to do with the media stream. if asterisk is going to get out of the media path (i.e. reinvites are permitted, accepted and the UAs are using the same codec), then it’s not doing any work at all except for call setup and teardown. then you can use any codec your UAs support.

i think you’ll find that with 1k users, you’ll need to not ignore bandwidth requirements, regardless of the codec(s) you decide to use. check the wiki for bandwidth calculators (or asteriskguru.com/tools/)

What exactly do you mean by “getting out of the path” of the Aterisk Call ???


if the UAs at each end of the call can agree on a codec etc, so that no translation is needed, and the dialstring is such that Asterisk transfers or dynamic features are not required, and no recording is needed, then there is no need for Asterisk to sit in the middle of the call. take a look at

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … anreinvite