1.8.2 should i see bridge in CLI

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Until approx last Oct I had asterisk(1.6) working pretty well with Google Voice and ipkall. Then Google redone something on their configs that nixed this. I am back to wanting the challenge of making asterisk work again with GV.
Centos 5.2
asterisk 1.8.2

installed asterisk 1.8.2 from source and followed several of the how to’s to make sure that gnutls and iksemel was installed correctly. I am still not sure the tls stuff is correct,but I was able to see chan_gtalk and res_jabber finally appeared in the ‘make menuselect’ so I think I am golden?

My question: Several months ago when I finally got GV working with ipkall DID number when I had a successful connection,either inbound or outbound, in the astersk CLI I would always see the ‘bridge’ scroll down,at that point I knew I was going to get a good connection to the sip phone. This was with just the default cli login.

-Should I see this same bridge ‘entry appear’ in asterisk 1.8.2 the same as was in asterisk 1.6? -

I am never seeing this in the cli when making a call inbound or outbound with the various trunks,routes i have setup with 1.8.

I have went through several of the walk through with the GV setup with ast 1.8 ,there are so many different ones,and I have never seen a real good…
How to setup in FreePBX.

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