1.7.1 in VirtualBox

I installed 1.7.1 in Virtual Box…install went fine…I bridged my network adapter and assigned Asterisk server a static IP. I can browse to the IP and configure my server but my client doesn’t want to connect. I am using 3CX softphone on a WIFI device running Android OS…I can browse to the web UI with the browser on my Android Phone…but the softphone wont register. Any suggestions… it seems like the ports may be getting hosed between my host and virtual machine?

There is no version 1.7.1 of Asterisk. I’d suggest asking in a forum about something that does have a version 1.7.1!

I suspect you are using AsteriskNow, in which case you should start with the AsteriskNow forum.

However, it is more than likely that this is a firewalling issue outside of Asterisk.

Incidentally, VM systems need very careful design if they are to run real time applications, like VoIP. Otherwise you will end up with very choppy audio.