AsNow voicemail setup problem

I’ve seen mention of this problem and mentions of fixes in previous versions but with this verison I still can’t get the:

message when entering Voicemail. If I enter anything and save, I get the “NEW ENTRY” on the LHS display of extensions. Leave Voicemail and return an lo and yea verily, the change does not persist. I also tried the “Activate Changes” button, leaving and returning to the screen, restarting, assaulting the server with a claw hammer and glowering menacingly. No luck…although I did gain valuable insight into computer repair and anger management.

I had deleted the 6000 default previously, mostly as an experiment to see how easy it would be to reconstruct the default. :unamused:

Is this an ongoing digium issue or can I juggle my .conf files to resolve or both? If it’s a workable issue via .conf files or other, can some merciful soul point me to a specific remedy?