Asterisk Distributions This category is for the discussion of distributions that use Asterisk underneath.
Asterisk SIP Have a question about Asterisk's SIP functionality? Have a generic SIP question? This is the category for you!
Asterisk Endpoints Have an endpoint that is connected to Asterisk and want to discuss something about it? This is the category for you!
Asterisk Fax This category is for discussion about faxing with Asterisk.
Asterisk Embedded This category is for discussion related to Asterisk in embedded environments, such as running on ARM based devices.
Asterisk Hardware Discussions about hardware used with Asterisk, such as telephony cards.
Asterisk APIs Are you working with <a href="">AMI</a>, <a href="">AGI</a>, or <a href="">ARI</a>? Writing a custom application with Asterisk as the engine? Then this is the category for you!
Asterisk General This category is a general catch-all for Asterisk questions that don't have a better categorization. If at all possible, try to see if your topic is better suited for one of the other categories before using this one. In particular, if you're having trouble with Asterisk, check out the <a href="">Asterisk Support</a> category.
Asterisk Integration This category is for the discussion of integrating Asterisk in other platforms.
Asterisk News News related to the Asterisk project.
Asterisk Support If you are having difficulties installing, operating, upgrading or configuring Asterisk, post your issues in Support. Please make sure to check resources and to search the forum before posting. Most standard and basic questions have been asked before.

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